The Irrational S.O.U.T.H. (Southern Oz Ultimate Trails & Hills) 200 Miler April 12th-16th 2023

We’d suggest that on the top of the list of must see places in South Australia (that doesn’t involve wine!), the Flinders Ranges would be it.

A location shaped over millions of years, inhabited for tens of thousands of years and mountains and scenery that one can never tire from. It’s no coincidence the Heysen Trail starts in the Flinders before weaving its way down through the Adelaide Hills to Cape Jervis.

A region full of riches and heartache, droughts and loss, homesteads and ruins, booms and bust. So many stories can be told and the locals always have a tale to tell.

And now we get to show off this magnificent destination to you with the Irrational South 100 & 200 Miler. A wonderful trail network to take you through mining towns, stations, through Wilpena Pound, along creeks, stopping at shearing sheds, homesteads, mountain tops, ruins and finishing in the historic town and once booming railway capital of Australia, Quorn.

The Irrational South is another life changing adventure that awaits and one of the trilogy of 200 milers that make up the TripleCrownunder. Let’s make adventure happen.


Entries into the 2023 Irrational SOUTH 200 Miler are now open!


We are in need of lots of volunteers to help us make the Irrational S.O.U.T.H. 200 Miler a big success. Whether you can help out for a couple of days or the whole week of days, register to volunteer here.