Irrational South Stage by Stage Breakdown

The Irrational South consists of 21 different segments in the 200 Miler and 11 segments in the 100 Miler.

Here are some detailed descriptions of each segment.


Segment 1 – Wadna (Blinman) to Glass Gorge

Distance = 24.17k

Elevation = 165m up, 413m down

Notes = Cheer zone as runners pass through past Blinman Hotel 9k into the segment

Description = Leaving Wadna, runners head out through the entrance to the road and turn right, heading towards Blinman. At the asphalt, turn right again and follow road for 2.5k to the Arkaroola turnoff before heading left for 500m and left again onto a gravel track. Follow behing the range of Blinman, keeping the Cairn on your left until the gravel track brings you back into town at the Hotel and you turn right to head up Glass Gorge Rd and follow the gravel road for 15k to the aid station.

This section is a little ashphalt, a small amount of 4wd track and about 17k gravel road.

Segment 2 – Glass Gorge to Parachilna Gorge

Distance = 15.59k

Elevation = 115m up, 248m down

Notes = Be aware of road traffic in single lane areas of gorge.

Description = Follow the gravel road all the way South to Parachilna Gorge Rd, passing through some single lane gorges and turns. Turn left at T junction and follow to the aid station and Heysen Trail head.

Entirely gravel road for all of this section.

Segment 3 – Parachilna Gorge to Aroona

Distance = 18.22k

Elevation = 348m up, 222m down

Notes = Heysen trail begins here

Description = Leave the aid station and folow the Heysen trail the entire way to Arrona Homestead, following and criss-crossing creeks and along goat trails. The beginning of rocky trails.

Segment 4 – Aroona to Trezona

Distance = 14.12k

Elevation = 250m up, 272m down

Notes = Drop toilets located at campsite just near aid station for Aroona, and another drop toilet at Trezona.

Description = After crossing Aroona Creek, follow the Bulls Gap 4wd trail and join the walking trail that will take you down into Trezona. Combination of 4wd and goat trail.

Segment 5 – Trezona to Bunyeroo

Distance = 11.22k

Elevation = 132m up, 54m down

Notes = Drop toilet at Trezona

Description = Leave the Trezona campground and head South along the Hesyen crossing Brachina Gorge Rd. Follow Yanyanna track (4wd track) down to Bunyeroo Rd and turn left to head down 500m to aid station. Mainly 4wd track along this section.

Segment 6 – Bunyeroo to Wilpena

Distance = 22.61k

Elevation = 459m up, 366m down

Notes = Many photo opportunities in this section. Drop toilets and cafe at Wilpena.

Description = Arguably the most stunning of sections at sunset/sunrise. As you leave Bunyeroo aid station, you will head down into a gorge and the most amazing of range views will open up. A long section crossing creek beds on a combination of 4wd tracks and goat trails that takes you into the Wilpena Sleep Station.

Segment 7 – Wilpena to Wilpena

Distance = 18.42k

Elevation = 479m up, 479m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 8 – Wilpena to Black Gap

Distance = 14.13k

Elevation = 214m up, 369m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 9 – Black Gap to Red Range

Distance = 14.06k

Elevation = 219m up, 154m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 10 – Red Range to Mt Little

Distance = 16.37k

Elevation = 64m up, 273m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 11 – Mt Little to Mt Little

Distance = 18.56k

Elevation = 117m up, 117m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 12 – Mt Little to Old Wonoka

Distance = 15.43k

Elevation = 112m up, 54m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 13 – Old Wonoka to Hawker

Distance = 5.78k

Elevation = 30m up, 7m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 14 – Hawker to Jarvis Hill

Distance = 7.11k

Elevation = 144m up, 71m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 15 – Jarvis Hill to Barnes Rd

Distance = 25.4k

Elevation = 155m up, 385m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 16 – Barnes Rd to Partacoona

Distance = 7.15k

Elevation = 21m down, 39m up

Notes =

Description =

Segment 17 – Partacoona to Buckeringa

Distance = 19.11k

Elevation = 276m up, 215m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 18 – Buckeringa to Warren Gorge

Distance = 22.21k

Elevation = 831m up, 700m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 19 – Warren Gorge to Dutchman’s Stern

Distance = 17.78k

Elevation = 214m up, 159m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 20 – Dutchmen’s Stern to Dutchmen’s Stern

Distance = 10.3k

Elevation = 413m up, 413m down

Notes =

Description =

Segment 21 – Dutchmen’s Stern to Quorn

Distance = 14.21k

Elevation = 96m up, 243m down

Notes =

Description =