The Irrational S.O.U.T.H. is run on the stunning Lavender Federation Trail


The Irrational is run almost entirely on the Lavender Federation Trail. The only deviations from the track will be for some of the aid stations and sleep stations. Total distance is approx. 324klm or 200 miles.

The start line is beside the mighty Murray River at the Trail Head of the Lavender Federation Trail, Murray Cod’s Drv, Sturt’s Reserve, Murray Bridge and meanders through the stunning Adelaide Hills before finishing in the picturesque valley town of Clare at the Hutt River parklands of Clare Caravan Park.

The course can be fast, the course can be brutal. Temperatures are known to drop below freezing and the weather can change quickly. Be prepared for all conditions, but don’t forget to look up and admire the stunning beauty of the Adelaide Hills.